Warehouse management software. It can register product receptions, shipments and generate reports on all product traffic. Furthermore it can register customers and their subscription to the warehouse. Our barcode reading algorithm allows the adjustment of the product barcode so to immediately read its weight and expiration date if the information is encoded in the barcode.


Sale management software. It can register sales through the web interface or through its respective mobile applications in Android or iOS. Every order has to be approved in order to be classified as an actual sale. It allows users to view performance reports on their products, their agents and customers. The administrator can send marketing notifications to all mobile devices that have the application installed.


Laboratory Information Management System. An evergrowing application whose objective is to digitalise all the process workflows of a laboratory. The application can work for laboratories related to animal health or laboratories related to food safety. It is capable of generating automatic reports as soon as the test results have been submitted.


Atom Computers is a collection of web applications all together in a unified interface. Altogether, the applications, make possible the mapping of their workflows into the system. The applications can keep track of the service department, the warranty and sales department. All the information they produce is then displayed in various reports based on the customer needs.


MicroFin is a collection of different applications all placed into a unified interface. The purpose of MicroFin is to help SMEs manage their sales, production, supply, human resources and customers. It is a simple and minimalistic ERP.


A project management application where tasks are divided into small atomic tasks.
Each user must explicitly start and finish a task to ensure that his working time on the task is measured properly. This application allows project managers to handle multiple projects and keep track of the tasks that are keeping the project behind.
Furthermore, with its analytical reports, project managers can easily find the top performers in their team.


Anipharma.al website with CMS in Django CMS. This is a website built with animals in mind for a veterinary pharmacy.